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Here is the basic information that you may be curious to find out before you choose whether to contact me:

I am an integrative therapist/counsellor with a genuine, non-judgemental, person-centred approach.

Therapy is a confidential space for you to talk about your personal and mental health issues, difficulties or concerns and is evidence-based to be highly effective in improving health and well-being. 

I hold appropriate qualifications for all private practice therapy work, which is supervised and held within an ethical framework. 

Gender, sex and relationship diversity, spirituality and trauma healing are my specialist research areas.

All sessions are available anywhere in the UK or around the world online, or face-to-face/walk-and-talk in Somerset. Just contact me to arrange an in-person consultation, or click 'schedule a session' to book a meeting on Zoom.

Counselling and Coaching

Together, we may build a safe, therapeutic and mutual relationship so that you can benefit from the opportunity to discuss any personal, emotional, relationship, sexuality, identity or spiritual issues that you choose to explore. 

You will be empowered to trust yourself, heal your suffering, and increase your well-being, as you develop insights into who you really are.

I combine depth-psychological counselling with goal-oriented coaching and work with clients seeking to heal suffering concerned with the past, present and future.

My practice is trauma-informed and draws primarily on humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and where suitable we may draw on Gestalt, TA, CBT, developmental psychology, narrative therapy, time-lines, parts work, creative arts, ritual, mindfulness, or other integrative therapies.

Individuals, couples and teens are welcome, with some or no experience of counselling or coaching.

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Buddhist Psychology with Eco Therapy

As a practitioner of Buddhist Psychology, I hold a safe, therapeutic counselling space for those interested in healing informed by the teachings of the historical figure of the Buddha.

Many people today are fascinated with the Neuroscience-proven effects of Buddhist Meditation and the parallels between Quantum Physics and Buddhist Science of the Mind/Reality.

For instance, contemplating the Buddhist notion of 'interbeing' can bring deep understanding of the way in which human beings belong in the cosmos, in relationship with Mother Earth. Interbeing means that "I am because we are."

Buddhist Psychology-informed Eco-Therapy offers the well-documented physical and mental well-being benefits of nature connection as support to: spiritual healing, practising mindfulness and self-compassion and developing insight into your true nature.

We may meet for regular therapy sessions indoors/outdoor/online with optional self-guided nature-based practices between sessions.

Suitable for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.


Body Therapy

Somatic body therapy is based on building a relationship of trust and is suitable if you are more non-verbal and kinaesthetically oriented toward your feelings and inner processes, rather than primarily verbal and mental, or if you wish to become more 'embodied'. Whether you have aches or pains, or mental suffering, body therapy can help your body and your spirit.

As both a qualified body-oriented counsellor and massage therapist, I am able to integrate therapeutic touch and somatic work to support soul healing. This body-focused therapy is informed by Bioenergetics, Focusing, Body Psychology as well as applied practice-based research in trauma healing, including Polyvagal Theory, and Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness.

This work may empower you to heal cultural, ancestral, personal, relationship and/or body-related issues, and offers possibilities to engage in deep self-compassion to explore somatic healing.

Your body is a manifestation of your Soul and contains unconscious energy and wisdom that can be consciously discovered and integrated for improved health and well-being.

All bodies are welcome with the support of their general practitioner.

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The Help Centre

What are your fees?

My normal fee is £60. I also reserve limited low-cost spaces.

What happens in an initial session?

Your first session will be a FREE 15-minute consultation where we have the opportunity to get to know one another and decide whether to work together.

Can I book an Initial Session?

Sure, you can book here.

What can I expect by the end of therapy?

This depends very much on your unique goals, for example, if you're feeling anxious you may wish to understand what is causing your body-mind to respond to a situation in an anxious way and develop the skills needed to become calm. Your goals may vary.