My Approach

"People only seriously consider change when they feel accepted for exactly who they are."

~ Carl Rogers, founder of Person-Centred evidence-based psychotherapy

Person-centred counselling was one of the breakthrough talking therapies based on empirical research in the mid-twentieth century and has grown to become one of the most trusted and respected relational approaches internationally for coaches, therapists and their clients. I started training and practising with a person-centred approach in 2013 at the City Literary Institute, Holborn, combined this with my practice as a diploma-qualified massage therapist and studied further at the University of Suffolk, Bury Saint Edmunds, until 2019. I belong to the Person-Centred Association (tPCA) and continue to develop my integrative practice rooted in this core embodied approach to counselling, coaching and group facilitation.

As a person-centred practitioner, I support the autonomy of my clients to meet their needs and fulfil their potential by providing the necessary psychological conditions for therapeutic personality growth. This means creating a safe relationship in which to explore and discuss personal goals and issues, free from judgement, where you, the client, are empowered to form and act on your own choices based on your developing self-awareness.

Furthermore, I practice deeply attuning to your somatic experience and your emotional world, holding unconditional positive regard for you as a whole person, whilst remaining genuine with both of us in the professional relationship. I integrate my training and practice-based research in transpersonal consciousness, depth analysis, mindfulness meditation, body psychology, neurobiology and traumatology. Working transpersonally and in a teleological and phenomenological way, I remain congruent and present with all dimensions of our relationship; this includes holding a space of reverence for the dimensions of Soul, spirituality and mystery emerging in your process of consciousness and healing.

My integrative, person-centred approach is suitable for a range of life issues such as: pursuing personal goals, exploring existential questions, improving relationships, healing mental health, living a happier life and becoming more fully functioning to the best of who you are and are capable of becoming.

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