I'm a native Midlander, nature lover and sensitive/introvert, living and enjoying the waters and landscapes of Somerset. My specialist interests are trauma healing and phenomenological research. I delight in sunsets, folk songs, dancing, spiced tea and campfires.


What I do

Coaching & therapy

I facilitate individuals to heal painful thoughts, emotions and psychological processes and reconnect with calm, joy and safety.

I'm humanistic and integrative in my theoretical approach and combine research-based modalities in an embodied, depth relational way. Relationship and 'interbeing' are at the heart of what I do. If you're my client, technically what this means is, I work to support the here-and-now connection between you and me, so we can tend to all aspects of your Self, and respond to how past experiences manifest in the present so you can complete cycles of healing and respond to tensions and opportunities for creative growth in your inner landscape and family/work/life constellations.

Some of the resources I draw on in my practice include mindfulness, existential philosophy, sexology, gestalt, process-oriented psychology, neuroscience and the support of my peers in the Transpersonal Coaches and Therapists Network. 

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Who I work with

Many of my clients are gender, sex and relationship diverse. Being anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive are core to how I work; I ensure my practice is accessible to people in all parts of the local community and online. I currently work offering remote counselling as part of an international therapy team to LGBTQ+ refugees in Kenya, and also face-to-face/walk-and-talk with people in need of low-cost counselling with Sweet Track Counselling Agency in Glastonbury, UK.