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Depth Insight is a contemplative therapy practice

My role is to meet you wherever you are in your heart, soul, and journey of life. I offer warmth and encouragement to embrace change and nurture possibilities for healing and growth.

I accompany clients through journeys of Self-discovery and offer compassionate listening, spiritual care and research-informed practice. Sessions are person-centred and mutually lead. We can sit together indoors or outdoors, walk together, or you can lay down on a couch. I offer my complete attention and presence with talking therapy and where appropriate, I can offer therapeutic touch. Everything is strictly confidential and held with professional clinical supervision. Please read my privacy policy here.


Depth Insight: 

looking deeply

Contemplative therapy is suitable for:

• Mental health problems including anxiety and depression

• Self-esteem, self-worth or confidence issues

• Anger, overwhelm or strong emotions
• Exploring sexuality, erotic relationships or gender identity

• Relationship difficulties or break-ups
• Body-image

• Concerns around eating
• Recovering from abuse

• Pain management

• Understanding your personal patterns and traits

• Improving your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

• Bereavement or illness

• Existential/spiritual crisis

• Life changes
• Anything that you are struggling with, or need some safety and support to integrate

Positive outcomes lead to:

• Enhanced communication and relationships

• Improved mindset and focus

• Emotional self-regulation

• Assertiveness and boundaries

• Spiritual development

• Social skills and connection

• Mindfulness and self-compassion

• Self-actualisation and empowerment

• Purpose and career development

• Creativity

• Embodiment

• Self-awareness, tools and knowledge to sustain happiness and well-being​


Good Practice

As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I am committed to sustaining and advancing a good level of clinical practice.