About Depth Insight Sanctuary

Therapeutic coaching & counselling

Depth Insight Sanctuary is a private practice in Somerset & Online. I accompany clients through their explorations of self-discovery and personal healing. I integrate deep listening, emotional support and research-based psychological interventions. Sessions are soul-centric and mutually lead. My work is complementary to and not a replacement for orthodox medical care, and I uphold autonomy and responsibility for all my clients to seek the support of a general practitioner or another healthcare provider where needed. My role is to meet my clients 'wherever you are at' and offer encouragement and grounding to embrace change and nourish possibilities for personal growth. All my work is held confidentially with professional supervision. You can view my privacy policy here.

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Depth Insight Sanctuary offers integrative therapeutic counselling and coaching services.

Counselling may support with:

• Mental health problems including anxiety and depression

• Self-esteem, self-worth or confidence issues

• Anger, overwhelm or strong emotions
• Exploring sexuality, erotic relationships or gender identity

• Relationship difficulties or break-ups
• Body-image

• Concerns around eating
• Recovering from abuse

• Understanding your personal patterns and traits

• Improving your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

• Bereavement or illness

• Existential/spiritual crisis

• Life changes
• Anything that you are struggling with, or need some safety and support to integrate

Coaching may support with:

• Communication and leadership

• Mindset and focus

• Emotional self-regulation

• Assertiveness and boundaries

• Spiritual development

• Social skills and connection

• Mindfulness and self-compassion

• Self-actualisation and empowerment

• Purpose and career

• Creativity

• Increasing happiness and well-being

I typically charge a standard fee of £85 per hour for open-ended work, although I hold no fixed view about how long a session should be or how long therapy should last, and I am open to discussing my rates.


Good Practice

As a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) I am committed to sustaining and advancing a good level of clinical practice.


I'm a TCTN registered practitioner.