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Beyond therapy

Depth: do you want to alleviate low mood and anxiety, trauma and lack of motivation, and live happily in the now?

Insight: do you wish to awaken greater self-awareness and compassion and gain increased calm, clarity and a sense of flow?

Sanctuary: do you desire to create safety and inner space to nurture and witness meaning and beauty in your experience of life?

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Positive change emerges here...

Everyone needs a little support sometimes. I facilitate 'inner work' with personal growth coaching in Wells and Glastonbury UK, and online, so you can gain extra perspective and speedier results than you might do by working on your goals alone or relying on friends and family for consistent, focused help and support.

I practice an evidence-based person-centred approach to coaching and counselling. 

I'm a humanistic psychospiritual counsellor in training and a student member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, with developing competencies in online therapy and outdoor eco-therapy. 

It is estimated that in the UK 1 in 4 people suffers from mental health problems, and according to statistics 1 in 6 people in Somerset may use a mental health service at some time in their life, often more than once. 

I can help people suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, persistent low mood, existential malaise, or even a 'spiritual' crisis.

If you feel you may benefit from the opportunity to heal and develop some self-help strategies in a professional, therapeutic relationship, then I would be pleased to accompany you.

I hold multiple certificates and diplomas in coaching and therapy modalities and belong to the Transpersonal Coaches & Therapists Network, Ecopsychology UK, Person-centred Association, Psychotherapy and Counselling Union, Pink Therapy Group. 

I am fascinated by my field of study in love, happiness and well-being - and am committed to practice-based research in embodied mindfulness and healing personal and collective trauma.

I work in private practice and with agencies in Somerset, UK & Online

I love listening to people and my practice is gender, sex and relationship diverse

I provide:

  • Individual Therapy for Adults and Young People

  • Individual Coaching for Adults

  • Personal Consultancy (coaching-therapy) for Adults and Young People

50-minute sessions are usually once a week in 6-week blocks, and my rates are personally tailored according to what you can afford.

My name is Kesley Cage. 



Why work with me?

A slightly goofy human being with psychological therapy, coaching and facilitation training and diverse clinical experience, at your service.

Coaching and therapy provide a container for self-enquiry, so you can contemplate where you are now, how you got here, where you are going, and other things you'd like to explore about yourself, and about your life.

Many people in today's world are feeling ‘othered', misunderstood or affected by harm on our planet. Many of us are survivors and outsiders, have yet to notice the gift and call within our experiences, or are in need of some extra support to encounter existential issues, life struggles or mental health problems.

I assist people to re-emerge from loss, dark nights of the soul, shame, low mood, loneliness and lingering distress. Whether the imperative is to recover a sense of empowerment after choices made in the past, honour pain and let go, or make new beginnings; my practice is to support my clients to walk their paths and regain a sense of wholeness that may have seemed broken, unseen or tarnished before now.

I’m experienced in working with young people, refugees, gender, sex, orientation and relationship diverse folx, and people of varying cultures, faiths, philosophies and traditions. I can accompany you if you are healing yourself and enquiring about your identity or purpose, and ways of relationship and engagement with the world.

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Self-love, not self-fixing

You may be expecting someone to try to fix you. I'm not going to do that.

No one is broken.

By relating compassionately with all aspects of you present in the here-and-now, we develop the person-centred conditions, evidenced to be effective for healing trauma, self-actualisation and human thriving.

I welcome all parts of you, without judgement, so you can dare to be yourself, wholeheartedly.


When a dream takes hold of you, what can you do? You can run with it, let it run your life, or let it go and think for the rest of your life about what might have been.

Patch Adams


Blog - Contemplations

Dear one,

I invite you to land softly in your body here and now;

You can observe your feelings if you choose to.

Felt-sensations are like a compass to navigate your way in life.

You may experience that some pleasure liberates you, and some pleasure binds you.

You may choose to savour, cling on or let go.

You may even notice that some pain signals the need for rest, and some pain calls for change or endurance.

You can invest yourself more, relax, or fight if you want to.

You are not your feelings. Yet how you respond to and direct the energy of life moving through you, is what creates your destiny.

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Simply be

A pine tree is just a pine tree. A pine tree is enough. You're you. You're enough.

Just as you are. You can change if you want to. No pressure though.

Just be you. Who you are is a miracle. You've loads of potential.

I offer resources and support for well-being.