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Contemplative therapy

How do you experience thriving in your life?

When do you enjoy the opportunity to feel that you are embodying your best self?

What are the changes that you're making in your life?


Time to be you

Everyone struggles and needs a little extra support sometimes.

The facts and figures estimate that, in the UK, 1 in 4 people suffers from poor mental health, and 1 in 6 people in Somerset use mental health services; if you're having a tough time, then you're not alone. Many people experience inner pain because of what has happened to them.

I accompany people as they heal and move through suffering from troubles such as low self-esteem, anxiety, low mood, and existential issues and concerns; life, death, rage, loneliness, love, intimacy and loss. 

I hold diplomas in psycho-spiritual counselling, spiritual life coaching and massage therapy. I am not affiliated with one particular religion or '-ism'; spirituality is a transpersonal, universal potential to encounter life with curiosity and wonder and develop values such as love, peace, and freedom. Contemplative therapy may help you to experience meaning and healing in your life.

Working with someone like me may help you to gain perspective, as there's a little distance between us; I may be someone with whom you contemplate times of challenge or growth when feeling alone or when family and friends seem too close get to the heart of an issue. People have sought help from 'wise folk on the edge of the village' since time untold. Wisdom may simply be the art of listening and presence. 

Core to my therapeutic practice is a person-centred approach. This means that my interactions with you are based on compassion and empathy, genuine kindness and congruence. My practice is registered with the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists. My office is based at the Sweet Track Centre in Glastonbury, and I also practice online and outdoors.

Kesley Cage x​​


Why contemplative therapy?

So you may be looking for some help, yet how will you know what is the right kind of help for you? 

Contemplative therapy provides an accepting and non-judgmental container for self-enquiry, so you can reflect on who you are now, what conditions created your present circumstances, and who you might choose to become.

Many people arrive in my office because they feel ‘othered', misunderstood or affected by harm in some way. Many are survivors and heroes/heroines in their own rights. Practically everyone is in some form need of support to encounter existential issues, life struggles or mental health problems before they find therapy.

Maybe you are longing to re-emerge from loss, dark nights of the soul, shame, low mood, loneliness or lingering distress. Whether the imperative is to recover a sense of empowerment, honour pain and let go, or make new beginnings; my practice is to support my clients to walk their own paths of belonging and regain a sense of wholeness that may have seemed broken, unseen or tarnished before now.

My practice is inclusive and gender, sex and relationship diverse.


Self-love, not self-fixing

You may be expecting someone to try to fix you. I'm not going to do that.

No one is broken.

By relating compassionately with all aspects of you present in the here-and-now, we develop the person-centred conditions, evidenced to be effective for healing trauma, self-actualisation and human thriving.

I welcome all parts of you, without judgement, so you can dare to be yourself, wholeheartedly.


Marvelling at small things, standing back to take in bigger things, finding joy and solace in altering one's perspective - these are all parts of the process of contemplation; to live an examined life i.e. to live deeply and experience the richness of a good life.



Exploring mind, heart, soul, matter

Dear one,

I invite you to land softly in your body here and now;

You can observe your feelings if you choose to.

Felt-sensations are like a compass to navigate your way in life.

You may experience that some pleasure liberates you, and some pleasure binds you.

You may choose to savour, cling on or let go.

You may even notice that some pain signals the need for rest, and some pain calls for change or endurance.

You can invest yourself more, relax, or fight if you want to.

You are not your feelings. Yet how you respond to and direct the energy of life moving through you, is what creates your destiny.

Cosy poppy

Find a Safer space

Find yourself a space to rest and heal a while.

A space where you can relax.
A space where you can recover.
A space where you can nourish.
A space where you can thrive.
A space where you can be you.